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Subject: Foreign language Theme

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Subject: Foreign language

Theme: Holidays, traditions and customs of Kazakhstan. Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals. English Tenses.

The type of the lesson: competition lesson

Using Methods: Oral speech, visual and practical method.

Inter – subject connection: Kazakh, Russian, History, and Mathematics

Date: 28.09.2016

Time: 12.10

Place: 109 study -room


Educational: To give information about Cardinal and Ordinal Numerals, to review English Tenses, to work with the text by using tenses and to acquaint students with Holidays and traditions of Kazakhstan; 

Developing: To develop students speaking, writing, reading, listening habits and their self-working skills and to develop their memory and logical thinking

Bringing up: To get interested in English, to bring up students to be very active, attentive

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