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1. On Day of the President people send Valentine’s Day cards. F 
2. Constitution Day always means spring. F 
3. This year we celebrated the 71st years of the Great Victory. T 
4. In Victory Day people play tricks on friends F. 
5. Independence Day is celebrated on February, 14. F 
6.Children write letters to Father Christmas on Day of the Capital. F 
Fixing of knowledge (Закрепление) 
Look at the blackboard, please, and find the right date for every holiday in our country: 
March, 22 Victory Day 
July, 6 Constitution Day 
May, 9 Day of the President 
December, 1 Day of the capital 
August, 30 Independence Day 
December, 16 Nauryz 
Now we will guess a crossword. 
1. What is the official language of Kazakhstan? 
2. When does our country celebrate the Constitution Day? 
3. When does celebrate New Year the Kazakhs? 
4. What is Astana? 
5. What is called horse's milk? 
6. What place of the territory is taken by Kazakhstan in the world? 
7. Who is the leader of our country? 
8. What holiday do we celebrate after the May 7? 
9. What is the capital of our country? 
10. What holiday does our country celebrate in the December 16? 
K A Z A K H 
A U G U S T 
N A U R Y Z 
C A P I T A L 
K U M Y S 
N I N T H 
P R E S I D E N T 
V I C T O R Y 
A S T A N A 
I N D E P E N D E N C E 
Answer the questions. 
When do people of Kazakhstan celebrate the President’s Day? 
What is the name of traditional meal of Nauryz? 
What are the components Nauryz Kozhe?
What holiday people of our Republic have on the 16th of December? 
When do people of Kazakhstan celebrate Victory Day? 
When is Constitution Day in our country? 
What Holiday is on the 6th of July? 

Take result, please. 
Awarding of group. 

Summary of the lesson (Итог) 
Very good! Now I see, you know Kazakh holidays. 
Sing a song “If you happy and you know it”

VI. Giving the home task:

Lecture: -Write your home task. Your homework is U.B.Golytshinsky

Ex 162, p.132

VII. Giving marks.

Lecture: - Well I give you marks. Our lesson is over good – bye!

Lecturer: Рымтаева А.Т.

The Text

Kazakhstan has many different customs and traditions. The most important Kazakh holiday of the year is "Nauryz" - the Kazakh New Year. 
On March 22-nd people from smaller villages come to bigger cities. Families get together to help one another on consructing a "yurt" which is the traditional Kazakh home. Since the Kazakhs were originally nomadic people they had homes that could be easily set up and moved from one place to another. These yurts are made of long curved pieces of wood that are tied together and make the skeleton for this round house. Large pieces of felt are placed over the wood and rugs are placed inside the yourt on the floor to keep warmth and protect from cold and rain.
If you enter a yurt on Nauryz you will see that it is decorated with beautiful Kazakh ornaments, rugs and blankets.
As a guest you will sit at a long low table and eat such Kazakh dishes as "karta" (round pieces of dried horse meat), "plov", "baursak", "besbarmak" ("five fingers" - a dish which consists of noodles, onions and sheep's meat).
This meat is traditionally served with a sheep's head, which is set at the "place of honour" - the head of the table. An elder "aksakal" will usually have the task of cutting the sheep's head and saying words of blessing while giving each part of the head to a different person.
At the end of the meal you will have tea and listen to musicians playing dombyras and kobyz and singing songs. Then you may see many ancient Kazakh games.
One of the major features of Nauryz is the traditional costumes that men and women wear.

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