Изменения на рынке логистических услуг, созданные тенденциями глобализации

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The market situation, logistics service companies face today, differs a lot from the situation that was years ago. The trends towards globalization has steadily increased with the effect that supply chains have become longer, wider and more complex (Christopher. 2005, Ballou, 2004). The competition has got worse due to the fact barriers to trade have been progressively reduced (Christopher, 2005). Both globalization and reduced barriers effected that many new competitors entered the market. In addition, customer expectations have significantly increased as they demand quicker response times and more convenient offerings (Coyle et al., 2003). Today customers have the opportunity to slightly compare prices, quality and services with the Internet and other media. This in turn has influenced the tolerance level so that it is very low for poor quality in products and services (Coyle et al., 2003). In most cases it is not tolerable any more to offer a specific product or service in the right quality, to the high technology level and within the right time due to the fact that these three factors are no solution any more to differentiate markedly from competitors (Grant et al., 2006). It is rather the added value offered to the consumer that leads to competitive advantages. Logistics services have appeared as an opportunity to offer such added value. But as with most of other services demands and complexity have increased (Ballou, 2004, Coyle et al,. 2003). Logistics currently means acting in complex networks of independent, but interdependent organizations (Christopher, 2005). However, customer orientation is an absolute prerequisite in order to survive in this unsettled environment (Christopher, 2005). Logistics service providers today remain no longer responsive in their business, but actively strive for ways to gain market share respond to defend their market position (Soosay and Hyland, 2004; Chapman et al., 2003; Gopfert and Hillbrand, 2005; Flint et al., 2005).

The principle aim of the article is to highlight the changes in logistics service market which were generated by the trends of globalization. Tasks: to analyze the trends of globalization, to emphasize the changes in logistics service market. Object of the article: global logistics service market. Research methods: analysis of scientific literature and statistical data.

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