Изменения на рынке логистических услуг, созданные тенденциями глобализации

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Creating a customer-driven supply chain, time compression in all business processes is becoming a main requirement. Viewing logistics as a time based strategy will lastly contribute to achieving our aim of sustained competitive advantage enhancing profitability and growth. The definition of logistics indicates that the planning, execution and control of the movement of people, production and related support, in order to reach an objective within a system. If this is achieved in relation to time, logistics becomes a powerful enabler fortime-based strategy. There is no dispute that a time-based focus can always lead to benefits even if it is usually an improved understanding of our logistics and supply-chain processes.

In twenty first decade trends are that the enforcement to invest in technology are strong and will increase during the nearest future. While there are business benefits and advantages for successful investment, the penalties of under investment or of poorly through investment decisions are also high. This is because competitors will also be investing in technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their supply chains and develop new ways of doing business in order to achieve competitive advantage.

As a mater of fact it is known that supply chain management is as a research subject, still it is an outset, and in a period of rapid development. This indicates the usage of advanced logistical applications in companies; not all are aware of the opportunities that modern logistics system could bring to their operations. To recognise the meaning of logistics, companies have to understand that it could be a source of competitive advantage. Additionally, fast-growth companies often dispute that logistics could limit their growth. This is especially true when companies expand globally: strategic decisions concerning logistics must be well considered.

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