О. М. Вводная речь учителя о ходе урока, целях и задачах

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Цель урока: Тренировать учащихся в умении пользоваться ранее введённым речевым материалом, неосознанное и непроизвольное запоминание слов и грамматических форм, быстрое и правильное общение. Переработка материала.

ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ: лексические карточки по темам “FOOD”, “RESTAURANT”, “SHOP”, “SCHOOL”, “SIGHTSEEING”, картинки с данной лексикой, магнитофонная запись.

(рассчитано на 2 урока)

Ход урока

1. О. М. Вводная речь учителя о ходе урока, целях и задачах.

T: Hello! Hello, everybody! What a nice day it is today, isn’t it? Look at the window! The sun is not shining yet; the sky is covered with clouds. Our weather today is like England’s weather, isn’t it? Do you like such weather? I do! Today at the lesson we are going to visit London- the capital of the UK! In our class 3 groups of pupils are present. They are from different countries: from Great Britain, from the USA, from Australia and from Russia of course.

Your 1-st task is – you have to be acquainted with each other. With the help of 2 journalists from the UK and from Australia you’ll make friends with each other.

A journalist from the UK, you are welcome, please, but 1-st will you speak about yourself? Then you are welcome to interview anybody you like.

P1рассказывает о себе, задаёт вопросы другим учащимся:

Hello! My name is … I am 12. I am from the UK. My hobby is… my favorite sport is…, my telephone number is…, my favorite subject at school is…


-What is your name?
-What is your surname?
-Where are you from?
-How old are you?
-What is your hobby?
-What is your favourite sport? Etc.

То же самое в режиме P2->P3,P4,P5…(все ученики познакомились друг с другом.)

2. T: Oh, look here, please. I see Helen Stuart here. She seems to be an interesting person. So, you are welcome to ask her any “HAVE YOU GOT”questions.


-Have you got a sister?
-Have you got a computer?
-Have you got an aunt? Etc.


a) T: Now, boys and girls, you know that tests are differ. Some of you want to be doctors, others to be teachers and so on. And what about you? What are you going to be?

P1P2P3… -I’ll be a worker.

I am going to be a driver. Etc.

b) словообразование-------WORK+ER=A WORKER


b) загадки о профессиях-------


–The person who teachers at school is a---------

-The person who works in the farm is a----------
-The person who writes books is a-----------
-The person who works in the hospital is a--------
-The person who works in the plant is a------------
-The person who sings a song is a--------
-The person who dancers is a---------
-The person who serves in the Army is a---------
-The person who acts on the stage is a --------
-The person who reads books is a----------
-The person who goes in for sport is a--------
-the person who drives a car is a----------

(Можно предложить ребятам самим составить загадки, аналогичные образцу.)

ИТОГ T: Now, pupils, you’ve learnt much about each other, so let’s have a little rest and go for a walk through the nice city of London. You’ll have to sit to our red double-decker and to notice everything through the window of our bus. Be careful, please. What places of interest can you see in London?

4 P1,P2,P3,P4…: Hyde Park, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. James’s Park…

5.T: Look at the window, please! What a nice view, isn’t it? And now, are you tired a little bit? Yes?! Then let’s make exercises not only for our feet and hands and body, but also for our heads.

(Дети выходят и составляют предложения из «ходячих человечков)

+ They lived in Ufa.

? Did they live in Ufa ?

- They did not live in Kiev.


T: Thank you, sit down, please.

O’key, friends! And what about singing a song together with the Beatles?

Cl : (все поют песню из репертуара группы Битлз “ I’ll follow the sun” or “Yesterday”)

T: It was a pleasure to hear this song once again. Thank you very much.

7. T: Look here! There is a restaurant over there. Are you hungry? I am. Let’s have a look at it. Look there is a Menu there. Let’s read it. Repeat after me all together:

(повторение лексики по теме “FOOD”)

Cheeseburger, hamburger, fishburger, hot dog, apple pie, pizza,
Roast chicken, mixed salad, sweet, vanilla ice-cream, mineral water,
Large coke, cheese, tomato, ham, extra toppings, fish and chips,
Soup, bacon and eggs, ham sandwich, milk shakes, hot chocolate,
Coffee, tea, fruit juice etc.

8. T: Boys and girls let us play “SHEEPHEAD”

(ребята по очереди называют любимое блюдо предыдущего одноклассников и добавляют своё, если забыл, то становишься “sheephead”)

9. Повторение диалогов «В ресторане»

P1: Could you show us the menu, please?

P2: Here it is. Are you ready to order?

P1: I’m very hungry. I’d like… And what about you?

P3: And I think I’ll take…

P2: Anything else?

P1: Yes, I’ll take a large coke, please.

P2: It’ll be ready in 5 minutes.

P3: Thank you very much.

P1: That will be 5.20$ please.

P2: Here you are.

P3: Thank you very much.

P1: Good bye.


(если на вопрос ведущего игры кто-нибудь ответит “ДА”, то все вскакивают, а ведущий пытается сесть)


1)Собрать в сумку «ПРОДУКТЫ»- картинки с магнитной доски, которые ученик может назвать по-английски.

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