План урока №1 Ф. И. О. преподавателя: Ерубаева Гульжан Жаркебаевна

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Содержательная часть урока

Этапы урока


Методы, формы, приёмы

1. Organization moment

Talking with duty student:

Who is on duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today? What is the weather like today?

Phonetic drill.

II. Meeting of new theme.

2.1. New Vocabulary.

Alloy, beam,braze,fuse,solder, torch.

2.2.Text «A profession of a welder»

A profession of a welder is very important and necessary in our life. We must know much about our future profession what welding means what types of welding gas welding, electric welding and many other things. A welder uses special clothes, shoes, a mask, a holder, electrodes and necessary materials. A master gives practical knowledges in our welding workshop and the leading teacher of welding works gives theoretical knowledge about the future profession of a welder.

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