Разработка беспроводного ионно-меточного датчика воздушной скорости

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Objective: Research and development of a wireless ion-tag air speed sensor.


1. Analysis of problems arising when measuring airspeed;

2. Submission of metrological and operational requirements for the sensor;

3. Selection of an appropriate measurement method;

4. Development of structural, functional and electrical circuits of the airspeed sensor;

5. Designing a prototype and conducting qualitative experiments aimed at identifying:

• Methods for generating ionic marks with increased ion concentration;

• Circuitry solutions aimed at increasing the signal-to-interference ratio;

• algorithms for processing and filtering informative signals.

Methods of research: In solving scientific and practical problems, methods of applied aerodynamics, measurement theory and measuring transducers, methods of mathematical modeling, analysis and synthesis of channels of information-measuring systems were used.

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