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Somatosensory sensitivity and localization of sound in interpersonal interaction

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Somatosensory sensitivity and localization of sound in interpersonal interaction
Vartanyan I.A.1, Lange N.K.2
1Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry RAS Saint-Petersburg Russia

2Gymnasium № 41, named after E.Kestner Saint-Petersburg Russia
The aim of the research is the identification of the dynamics of sensory sensitivity in three psycho physiological situations of interaction in pairs: 1) the doctor - patient, 2) two simulators of medical contact, 3) students training manual methods of treatment, 4) the teacher-pupil of 8-9 old. In situations of 1-3 we investigated tactile sensory sensitivity, in situation 4 - localization of the source of sound For the study of somatic sensory sensitivity (tactile and pain ) we used the method of focused ultrasound (frequency 2.64 MHz), developed and used by us in different studies (Sensory perception,1985 ). The accuracy of sound localization was measured using the point source with intensity of about 60 dB above the threshold of hearing perception. Interaction in pairs was conducted in the conditions of the limited tactile and voice contact.

At the hand fingers were measured thresholds of tactile sensitivity (in situations 1 and 2), tactile and pain sensitivity ( in situation 3), the accuracy of the localization in a free acoustic field ( in the situation 4). In all studies measurements and statistical processing of the material were performed. The measurements were carried out repeatedly before and after the interaction. The study involved 15 pairs, 37 students, who studied the techniques of osteopathy in the course of two years, 6 pupils of the 2-nd class and their teacher. Control measurements of tactile sensitivity were held in 12 healthy subjects to obtain the normative data.

Statistically significant changes of tactile sensitivity after a session of communication between the doctor and the patient were found. Tactile sensitivity of the patient grew, of the doctor declined. In repeated sessions of interpersonal contacts the direction of changes was preserved. Similar dynamics was recorded in all pairs doctor - patient. In pairs of imitators of interaction between the doctor and the patient statistically significant dynamics are not observed.

The process of training of medical students thin manual techniques, aimed at diagnostics of the state of the body tissues of the patient and the identification of their defeat was accompanied by a statistically significant increase in the tactile sensitivity, whereas pain sensitivity does not practically change.

The accuracy of the localization of the point source of the sound in pupils after contact with teacher depended on the emotional content of the instruction and motivation of the result. The fluctuations of the sound localization accuracy oscillated between 15 and 30 degrees. The psychological aspects of peripheral sensory response in interpersonal interaction are discussed.

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