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Age peculiarities of diagnostics and adjustment of children with SADH

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Age peculiarities of diagnostics and adjustment of children with SADH.

Voronina G.A., Kasyanov V.N., Cheboksarova Y.N.

Vyatka State University of Humanities, Kirov, Russia; kvn_6767@mail.ru

The behavior of children with SADH usually doesn’t correspond to their age norm and they are behind their peers at school, it’s difficult to adapt to the surrounding for them and they form a risk group for doctors and teachers. Social dysadaptation of a child in the society is a consequence of such malfunctions. In many countries the prevention of syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity is considered to be an effective prevention of teenage crime and law-breaking [Lubar J.F., 1998; Rasey H.W., 2003].

Monitoring researches were held in six comprehensive schools of Kirov and Kirov region during five academic years (2008-2012). 819 pupils (458 pupils of primary school and 361 pupils of secondary and high school including 105 (23%) and 61 (17%) children with SADH signs respectively) were examined.

The following methods were used in the diagnostic research: anthropometric research, Tuluz-Pyeron test, modified literal tables, the of simple motion reaction, an inquiry of teachers and parents, estimated scales with revelation of an insignificant, temperate and evident degree of SADH signs, a prognostic risk scale etc., due to these facts an assessment of risk factors for this group of children was made. Medical and social reasons for the formation of child’s health deviation were studied.

The correction work took into account age and individual peculiarities of children and included the use of such devices of biological feedback with computer programs as “Dyhaniye 2”, “Neyrokor 3.1.C”and “Ekvator” which make it possible to register a number of functions: heart rate, breathing rate, breathing heart arrhythmia, electromyogram, to identify biological age, skin temperature.

According to L.S. Chutko, Y.A. Fesenko [2007, 2009], it’s necessary to combine medical approach with pedagogical influence fully for an effective work with children having SADH signs. The organization of day regimen is important. It’s necessary to pay attention to sleep duration, working and rest periods, motive activity and impulsion.

It can be effective to organize therapeutic and psychotherapeutic help for a family that is carried out step-by-step: individual and joint therapy of parents, family therapy, parents training, individual and group therapy of children, individual and group developmental psychotherapy for children, group therapy for parents [G.A. Voronina, 2010; G.G. Onischenko, 2002].

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