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The role of signal and protective proteins in mechanisms of adaptation of murine immunity to alternating GRAVITATION

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The role of signal and protective proteins in mechanisms of adaptation of murine immunity to alternating GRAVITATION

Glushkova O.V., Lunin S.M., Khrenov M.O., Parfenuyk S.B, Novoselova T.V., Novoselova E.G.

Институт биофизики клетки РАН, г. Пущино Московской области, Россия, e-mail: glushckova@mail.ru

At the present time, there are respecting few findings concerned to structure-functional organization and morphology of different cell types in gravitation-change condition, it in turn let to propose various hypotheses concerned to ways and methods of adaptation of alive systems to hypo gravitation that can be observed on the cellular level. Though, the mechanisms, by which gravitation can affect human organism on the level of cellular organization are very complex and are still unclear. In order to work up the study of immune system from mice after space flight, we investigated the expected stress effects, which could be resulted from unusual caged conditions for mice in airship (without gravitation accounting), which apparently differ from housing in vivarium. Indeed, during space flight, mice will be caged in compact compartments that could be resulted in enhance of congestion, which induces physiological stress as well as changes of behavior. Physiological stress in turn may be closely connected with immune unbalance. This is the reason to provide experiments for measuring caged effects on animal immune status. It was determined that concentration of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, namely IL-1, IL-2, IL-6, IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, and IL-10 did not significantly change in blood plasma and splenic lymphocytes as compared to controls. In addition, it was not detected any significant differences between activation of key signal pathways TLR4, NF-kappa B, and JNK in cells from mice exposed in compact compartments modeling conditions in space vehicle as compared to controls housing in vivarium. Though, we observed small but significant increase in the expression of heat shock proteins, Hsp72 and Hsp90-alpha in lymphocytes from mice caged in special boxes. Besides, it was important to train a sampling of biomaterial and its transport from Institute of Medical-Biological problems of RAS to laboratory of Institute of Cells Biophysics of RAS in Pushchino. Providing of several experiments, we achieved optimal conditions allowed to get viable and sterile cell populations in order to provide the rigorous studies and to receive a new data. It can be resume that the preparatory investigation was provided in order to study molecular mechanisms of adaptation of murine immunity to alternating gravitation.

This work was supported by the RFFI, project No 12-04-00113-а; and by the Program of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences “Molecular and Cellular Biology”.

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