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Kim T.D., Makashev E.K., Kalekeshov A.M., Smagulova Z.Sh., Makarushko S.G., Tleuova M.B.

RSE "Institute of Human and Animal Physiology» CS DES Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty

The problems of ecology lead to sharp changes the environment, which is reflected on the activities of the organism, especially the vital organs as the brain, heart, liver. Research the functional state of the digestive system of the organism is one of the important and informative aspects in solving this problem. This caused by that digestive organs are directly involved not only in the processes of assimilation and dissimilation of nutrients, but also have an expressed barrier function. Investigation of adaptation mechanisms of organism at toxic hepatitis is actual, timely and socially important area of medicine. For this purpose in chronic and acute experiments, we investigated the adsorption-transport function of membranes of blood erythrocytes at experimental hepatitis caused by lead acetate (Pb(NH4)2 at a dose of 20 mg per head, which was given to rabbits weighing 3 - 3.5 kg. for 7 days.

In acute experiments on rabbits under general anesthesia using thiopental 50 mg / kg body weight of blood samples were taken from the superior vena cava and portal vein. To study the adsorption-transport functions of erythrocytes blood stabilized with heparin (2-3 U / ml).

After centrifugation (5 min at 1500 rev / min), blood was separated into plasma and red cell mass. Investigated substances with the erythrocyte membranes was washed by adding and mixing with a 3% solution of NaCl in an amount equal to the volume of the drained plasma. In the washouts from erythrocytes were determined: total protein, cholesterol, glucose, alkaline phosphatase, and triglycerides by biochemical analyzer A 25.

Results of experiments showed compensatory and barrier function blood erythrocytes at toxic hepatitis. Thus, the values of total protein and albumin in the blood plasma of the portal vein slightly increase on the background toxic hepatitis, whereas in washouts this indicator decreases. Toxic hepatite depresses synthetic function of hepatocytes and deficit of protein in the blood plasma compensated by proteins adsorbed on the membrane of red blood cells. The cholesterol content also increases, whereas the concentration of glucose, alkaline phosphatase, and triglycerides authentically reduced. In the washouts from the membranes of erythrocytes in the same conditions there is a significant increase adsorbed alkaline phosphatase on the membrane erythrocytes, indicating that the role erythrocytes in maintaining homeostasis in the blood. Biochemical analysis of blood from the superior vena cava at toxic hepatitis showed minor variations of indices, and in washouts of erythrocytes showed a significant changes of alkaline phosphatase, and triglycerides, which also speaks in favor of a compensatory role of erythrocytes caused by hepatitis.

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