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Complex assessment of the functional state IN humanS during visual

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Complex assessment of the functional state IN humanS during visual

perception of fractals

Kovalev V.V. 1, Ognivov V.V. 2

1Research Institute for Industrial Art of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia, E-mail: kovalev_v@bk.ru. 2Institute for Information Transmission Problems (Kharkevich institute) under the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, E-mail: wwoo@ya.ru
In our study two installations were used. First, an eyetracking installation for recording of eye movements, which also performed quantitative assessment of saccads and fixations of the pupil diameter. Second, an installation for registration of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and cardiointervalography. 50 volunteers of both sexes between ages of 20 and 30 participated in the research. The subjects were shown two selections of images on a video screen. The control series included images of urbanistic landsapes, selected by the researchers. The experimental series consisted of fractal images, which were selected according to the general preference of all subjects.

The data, obtained from our oculographic research, show that the quantity of active (informative) saccads during examination of fractal images is much higher, than during examination of urbanistic landscape elements. The average (for the fractal images) was 30-40 saccads per 8 seconds of demonstration time. Also, the fractal images apparently require higher quantity of fixations. These results indicate the increased attention of subjects during examination of fractal images, as compared to assessment of urbanistic images. Our data also indicate the presense of pupil reaction related to the changes in emotional condition of the subjects. When shown a fractal image, subjects’ pupils enlarge, which could be a sign of increased interest and formation of positive emotions. However, we can not exclude a possibility, that those changes in the pupil diameter may be consequentual to the changes in the background of the image area to be examined. Examination of GSR to the presented stimuli show two different types of response to the control series and to the experimental series. The majority of the tested subjects showed significant decrease in GSR, that indicates relaxation and shifting towards positive emotions. More than half of the subjects demonstrated very high consistency of the above described effect, which could be linked with high sensitivity of GSR to emotion-generating stimuli. The second group of subjects demonstrates a tendency to slightly decrease the GSR intensity during the experimental series. The analysis shows significant correlations between the cardiointervalographic data and the GSR data. The frequency of cardiac contractions appropreately decreases upon presentation of preferred stimuli, such as the fractal selection.

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