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Study of functional status of CNS in human-operator in high temperature and concentrated carbon monoxide condition

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Study of functional status of CNS in human-operator in high temperature and concentrated carbon monoxide condition

Kovaleva A.A1, Shishkina M.V1, Skedina M.A.1, Kolyagin V. Ya2, Potapov M.G.1

1Federal State Budgetary Establishment of Science, State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, Institute for Bio-Medical Problems of RAS, Moscow, Russia; 2I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University MSMU, Moscow, Russia; inj.ann@rambler.ru
Functional status (FS) of CNS may influences to human’s behavior and capabilities due to his professional activity. Purpose this study - analysis of FS CNS of human-operator in changing microclimate. Participants were six practically healthy men-volunteers. The age was 22- 45 years. During thirty days they were under supervision into land closed experimental complex of National Scientist Center of Russian Federation Medical-and-Biological Institute of RAMS. Fluctuations of microclimate were: temp from +23 to +30° С at night and from +30 to +38° С at day, air humidity 32 -75 %, barometer pressure 738-750 mm of mercury, CO2 0.04 -0.5 %, CO 1.93 - 40.2 mg/cum. These conditions were similar to summer 2010 year in Moscow (due to forest fires concentration of CO in the air increased and high temperature persisted). FS of CNS was analysed 6 time: background regimen 1, 2, 3, 4 weeks in changing microclimate, in recovery period. EEG-recording and recording of constant potentials (CP) with firmware “Omega-neuroanalyser” (created in Russia, “Statokin”) in 7-unipolar leads (Fp1, Fp2, C1, C2, O1, O2, Cz) were performed. Sensomotoric reaction was estimated with simply test of visual-motoric reaction (VMR) with stand-alone control “Psychophysiologist -N” (“Medicom”, Russia).

Background examination showed individual differences of EEG, CP, VMR and individual dinamica was registered during experiment. Activation of compensatory mechanism was registered as increase of summary intensity of EEG in mean to 40% (in the main, due to slow wave activity and rise of CP (about 7mV). Two volunteers showed changes at first week, three volunteers at second week. According to VMR, FS of CNS some decreased in all men, in one case time of VMR was more, than 350 msec, and frequency of Alpha-rhythm was 9- 9.5 Hertz. In recovery period four men showed decrease of summary intensity of EEG, three men showed decrease of CP to almost background level. At the same time, FS of CNS was persistent. Study of FS of CNS in conditions with changing microclimate revealed individual dinamica of psychophysiological parameters in combination with expressed reaction of compensatory mechanism. But, it wasn’t possible to estimate quantitatively reserves of adaptation and duration of recovery period. In future new studies must be performed.

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