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The “Broad” Patent Protection Is a Guarantee of Protection of National Inventors’ Rights

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The “Broad” Patent Protection Is a Guarantee of Protection of National Inventors’ Rights

A.P. Agureev

OOO Sojuzpatent, Russia, Moscow, agureev@sojuzpatent.com

The law-enforcement policy prevailing all over the post-Soviet region disappointingly fails to take into account the main attribute of a patent: to be a title of protection and at the same time a marketable product of intellectual work.

Actually, only one aspect of the title of protection, residuary from the former title of author’s certificate, has appeared required – the practicability of invention strictly within the bounds of Claims, restricted to examples of particular embodiment provided in specification of the invention. Under the Patent Law, this is intolerable, because a “narrow” patent is void (or illusive) of such function as to afford the right for a patent holder to ban for third persons to manufacture a product (to use a method) that is the closest analogue of the invention, which is essentially predicted by the invention.

The “narrow” protection deprives a patent holder of the right to sell to advantage the license and thus to reimburse (at least part of) the expenditures associated with the invention. After publishing information about a patent, such “protection” affords cart blance for copying the concept by third persons and does not close the National market for foreign goods. Hence, inadequacy or nearly total lack of the legal practice of “doctrine of equivalents” in courts is especially dangerous.

However, none of the patent laws currently in force is intended to delivery of national products abroad gratis. Moreover, the everyday appeals which may be heard from our statesmen concerning “”innovations”, “high technology”, “nanotechnologies”, etc. are an evidence for the contrary, i.e., that the “narrow” protection of domestic discloses. Innovations will have to be imported from abroad until the National inventions are made at a laboratory

bench level. The reason is that the authors have no means for scale production of the invention, which is inexpedient in principle for the authors, because a “narrow” patent is easily avoided by third persons, especially by those who have got high technologies. The “broad” protection will at least permit the National authors to close the National market for analogous foreign products. This will permit, in turn, a patent holder to become at least a participant of the National market share

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