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Mil E.M., Binyukov V.I., Zhigacheva I.V., Alekseev O.M., Albantova A.A.

Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS, Moscow, Russia, elenamil2004 @mail

In natural ecosystems, plants are constantly exposed to environmental factors. Currently, much attention is paid to the synthesis of analogues of natural selection and plant hormones. One of the most effective plant growth regulators is melafen, in low concentrations (10-10M - 10-9M) increases resistance of plants to stress. Several studies have shown that the effect of melaphen involved in the regulatory process. However, the drug, depending on the concentration may have a multi-directional impact, on vegetable and on animal cells. We have investigated the influence of melaphen on the architecture of mitochondria pea seedlings under the influence of prevention cold stress - the drought on the architectonics of erythrocytes in mice. The work was carried out by AFM (atomic force microscopy) on the instrument SOLVER P47 SMENA, at a frequency of 150 kHz in the tapping mode. The analysis of AFM images of plant mitochondria itb was subjected to stress, representing a decrease of mitochondrial fission and the emergence of large-dividing mitochondria with large volume and length compared to controls. Melaphen (2 x 10-12M) prevents these changes. Earlier Zhigacheva IV it was shown that the lack of moisture leads to a change in the fatty acid composition of mitochondrial membranes, changes in energy consumption (reduced maximum rate of oxidation of NAD+-dependent substrates). Melaphen effect was probably due to the activation energy processes (respiration and photosynthesis). We have shown that the combination of exposure to cold - the drought may increase in cells of pea generation of ROS (reactive oxygen species), which leads to changes in the morphology of mitochondria. Thus, the fluorescence intensity of lipid peroxidation products increased by 3 and 2.5 - fold compared to control. Processing 10-12M solution melaphen reduced content of lipid peroxidation products in the membranes of mitochondria. Perhaps the protective effect of the drug due to its antioxidant properties. At the same time, we found that the drug, has multi-directional effects on plant and animal cells. Thus, for in vivo study in mice has been shown previously that melafen in low concentrations induces apoptosis in tumor cells, a short-lived Ehrlich significantly inhibits the growth of a solid tumor Lewis. AFM data revealed regular decrease in size of red blood cells of mice under the influence melaphen (10-9 - 10-11 M). Apparently,take place.the change in osmotic conditions of erythrocyte from exposure melaphen on ion channels and pumps.

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