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stress AS THE cause of formation the prenosoloical condition OF BLOOD and lymph circulation systems of homoiothermic vertebrates

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stress AS THE cause of formation the prenosoloical condition OF BLOOD and lymph circulation systems of homoiothermic vertebrates

Omarova A.S., Alybayeva B.N., Akhmetbayeva N., Abdreshov S.N.

Institute of Human and Animal physiology CS MES RK, Almaty,Kazakhstan: aomarova@list.ru

Using the pigeons, which was captured in different zones in Almaty (and from suburb zone, as the control animals) was established that the level of methhaemoglobine correlated with heavy metals content (in feathers, spleen, liver, kidneys) caused hypoxia formation. With assistance by impedance measuring was evident that the declining of heart work productivity of those birds, if level of pollution increases. But, on another hand the coefficient of vessels tone and heart work frequency and hipertension were augmented. Frequency and amplitude of contractile activity of lymph nodes prepares removed from pigeons captured in suburb zone (Karagaily) are increases by using the epinephrine, comparing with specimens from pigeons captured in heavy polluted zone (Green market), where those frequency and amplitude indexes declines. Propulsion activity of lymph nodes from polluted zones on epinephrine using, declines in dose-dependent manner as the result of dominating of adrenergic tonic reaction. Innervation structure (terminal parts of neuron sets), was partly destroyed, and intensity of fluorescence of neuronal filaments declines in blood and lymph vessels specimens from pigeons and correlated with weight of pollution. It should be emphasized, that fluorescence of regular vesicles on neuronal fibers increases, as the evident signal of stress. Norepinephrine, accumulated in those vesicles can effect from a distance resulting the increase vessels tone in stress situation. Therefore, we can make a conclusion, that the increasing hypertension of pigeon’s vessels as the result of losing dilatation ability in cause of destroyed adequate adrenergic innervation and dominating of tonic reaction. Constriction of vasa vasorum can be conduct to decline feeding the vessel, but if the constriction be continued for time, those vessels (blood and lymphatic) can be destroyed. Increasing of transaminases (especially As AT) level in blood is a sign of them we have had. On another hand, if the nursing organs with blood vessels or drainage them with lymphatic vessels would be destroyed, it can conduct to the functioning disorder. Finally it can produce the prenosological condition in health. Previously we was established that the appearance of the hypoxia condition in organisms of mammalian is independent on stress models, but resulted to destroying in lymphatic part of microcirculation.

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