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"BRAIN GYM" and psychosomatic status of children 10-11 years old with poor health

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"BRAIN GYM" and psychosomatic status of children 10-11 years old with poor health

Petkevich A.I.1, Vonarshenko A.P. 1, Kuznetsova YU.I.2

1 Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Lipetsk State Pedagogical University", Lipetsk, Russia; 2 Federal State Institution "Polyclinic № 3 Office of the President", Moscow, Russia; afkl@bk.ru
Of the traditional methods of correction of psychosomatic condition of children was best developed by P. Dennison and G. Dennison active-passive "Brain Gym," which served as the basis for determining the purpose of our study. At the initial stage was set the degree of tension and shortening of certain postural muscles, reflecting the state of fatigue and stress, stimulated by static overload and physical inactivity, and it was determined the functional state of the belt systems, the basal ganglia, the deep limbic system and gipotolamusa (Daniel J. Amen). Based on the analysis of the initial test younger students were taken of exercises active-passive exercises of the brain that are included in the individual classes of medical physical culture. This first set includes movements that cross the midline of the body, the second - the exercises, stretching the muscles of the body, and the third - exercise, energizing the body, and the fourth - Call exercise, which tends to strengthen the positive attitude, for influence on the limbic system of the brain, and stabilize ritmiruyut neural processes of the organism, promoting calm successful learning.

Comparative analysis of the study showed significant (P <0.05) improvement in functional stretch 60% of the subjects in the experimental group of muscles. Active state (based on questionnaires) belt system in the experimental group changed to the downside (lower - physiological desire to normal) to 0.2 points, the basal ganglia - by 1.2 points, the limbic system - a 2.2 score. Statistically significant (P <0.05) differences were noted only in deep limbic system. Summarizing the data of experimental research in general, we can say that the use of "Brain Gym" has had a positive impact on most of the studied stretch of postural muscles and actualize the desire for normalization of the functional states of the three studied brain structures, a positive impact on the psychosomatic status of children.

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