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Sterligova O.P.

Moscow state University of railway engineering, Moscow, Russia, sterligova_O@mail.ru

Now especially significant becomes the study of individual psychophysiological stability of the person to certain factors of environment, in particular to a production activity which has considerable impact on mental and physical health of the person.

Lack of a uniform position in ideas of vision formation, a variety of experimental data and theoretical approaches, close interrelation of visual perception with individually – psychophysiological characteristics of the person served as incentive to carrying out a number of researches. This research was conducted at the Moscow state university of railway engineering. Engine drivers and engine driver's assistants took part in the research as skilled group and control group. Psychophysiological and psychological techniques were used to research the posed problem. the low and average level of uneasiness was revealed in all the engine drivers and engine driver's assistants who have been examined. The study of characteristic of visual adaptation depending on level of uneasiness showed the following results. Dark and light adaptation was detectinged after the assessment of the initial level of uneasiness and the divisions into groups on uneasiness level. In this series of experiment express techniques for identification of visual adaptation were used. During this survey the dependence on the level of uneasiness while finding white and red counters in standard darkness was defined: the higher uneasiness level is, the quicker comes dark adaptation of an eye. While performing this task reliable differences of an identification of objects (white and red counters) were received by examinees with high, average, average with a tendency to low and low level of uneasiness. We may assume that the level of uneasiness has an influence on a degree and speed of dark adaptation. Comparison of number of examinees of skilled and control groups, with changing the speed of restoration of visual acuity and an identification of objects, by Fischer's criterion has not confirmed the significant distinctions. Thus, during the research it was revealed that visual adaptation is carried out quicker if a person has high level of uneasiness, and more slowly if a person has average and low level of uneasiness. The research shows the interconnected of the level of uneasiness and visual adaptation. This fact proves that the condition of the personality is directly connected with psychophysiological reactions of an organism.

Many aspects of person`s professional activities in the system of “ man-machine” will be revealed during the study of this issue.

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