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Suvorov N.B1, Belov A.V.1, Ibragimova T.V. 2, , Pulikov D.G.1, Sergeev T.V.1, Sadykova N.A.3

1 Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, 2State Medical University named after acad. I.P. Pavlov, 3State Electrotechnical University "LETI",

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Among non-traditional methods of self-control, preventive maintenance, health improvement, rehabilitation, mobilization of an organism reserves the special place is occupied with the technology named now functional biofeedback control (FBC). By the present time the big and very valuable experience of application of computer, microprocessor, autonomous complexes using the continuous monitoring of organism fluctuations from a patient is saved up. Some complexes for correction of functions in cardiovascular systems, as one of the major in ability to human vital activity have the great extension. Their efficiency expressed in basic possibility of control by set function, stability and reproducibility of some developed shifts and confirmed with positive clinical results allows to draw a conclusion on expediency using of these technologies in sports medicine. Heart rate training of a healthy person in intellectual adaptive system stimulate learning of skills of self-control and relaxation during "prestarting" preparation, at nervous and physical stresses, to rising to level attention and working capacity, realization of the latent or lost abilities of a human body to adaptation and correction (normalization) of own condition. FBC can be used at regular examination of the persons who are in a condition of professional, ecological, psychological or social strain (stress); sportsmen before and after competitions (trainings), the forecast of their sports results on the basis of the analysis of the individual "competitive" norm received as a result of testing in adaptive biofeedback system etc. The positive effect conscious of the sportsman is an additional stimulus – there is a positive motivational biofeedback. Thus any way and consensually adjustable mechanisms includes in control.

Researches using the hardware-software complex «Cardiotraining» were carried out on group of skiers of high level (candidates for the master and masters of sport) during a team practice session with check starts. It was found out, that the majority of them requires normalization of cardiorespiratory interactions as before trainings and, especially, before competitions. Carrying out of FBC procedure after physical exercises for full elimination of psychophysiological stress is extremely useful.

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