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Comparative analysis of coordinated eyes and hand movements parametres at patients with discirculatory encephalopathy

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Comparative analysis of coordinated eyes and hand movements parametres at patients with discirculatory encephalopathy

Teslenko E.L. Baziyan B. Кh. Damyanovich E.V.

Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific center of neurology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science,

Moscow, Russia, Volokolamskoye Highway, 80, tes_alena@mail.ru
Diagnostics of the discirculatory encephalopathy (DE) is based except a clinical symptomatology on data of СT and MPI researches of a brain, where multiple microfocal changes are taped. But not always these changes correlate with clinical symptoms. Thanks to detection of patterns in change of electrophysiological parameters of movements of eyes and arms (were investigated saccads and coordinate actions of oculomotor and manual systems in reply to visual incentives on a hardware-software complex for studying of moving functions of the human) at this pathology we tried to estimate objectively functioning cortical-subcortical-stem communications at patients with DE.

28 patients from 1-2 disease stage of DE at the age of 51-75 years were surveyed; results of researches were compared to group of control. Were used some tests: the test 1 - look fixing on switching over on 400 across targets at the motionless head (only saccades), the test 2 – joint coordinate movements (cursor transfer from the central target to periphery) with participation of eyes and arms.

The analysis of trajectories saccades in test 1 showed that at patients with DE latent periods (LP) and durations (D) were increased, their variability was taped. The tremor and deviation of eye globes were periodically observed after look fixing on a target (differences were statistically significant (р <0,05), asymmetry saccades was periodically observed. At implementation of the test 2 at patients with DE appreciable changes of parameters of movements became more perceptible: asymmetry saccades was increased, tremors of eye globes (different deviations in amplitude of eye globes from a target), periodically saccades were absent, LP and D of saccades were enlarged. Individual variability of electrophysiological parameters of the movements was remained, more expressed remained at movements of eyes. Movements of the head and arms were periodically step, with the enlarged latent periods and duration (р < 0,05).

The received results give the chance to check extent of compensation in work of interneyronalny communications of a brain at patients with DE. In clinical practice the obtained data can help with exercise of functional diagnostics of DE and with an assessment of efficiency of medicamental therapy.

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