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The ROLE of Turing test functionalism in the study OF «consciousness»

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The ROLE of Turing test functionalism in the study OF «consciousness»

Alekseev A.

Scientific Council of the methodology of Artificial Intelligence, Moscow, Russia; aa65@list.ru
The study of "consciousness" in the philosophy of artificial intelligence (AI) is conceptually difficult to carry out without studies of "artificial consciousness" - a bridge project artificial "life", "person", "society". The Representaionalism surrendered a dominant position, the main paradigm for the study of the "consciousness" become the Connectionism and Neurocomputing become the invariant engineering and design solutions for the implementation of cognition vital’s, mental’s, personal’s, and cultural’s content. "The main question of philosophy" (the idea/matter, mind/body, consciousness/brain) in the context of AI specified ratio of cognition/realization, in which the ontology "realizations" formed of (neuro)computer interpretations of the theory of physical, biological, social, technical, space and other systems. The metaphysical theories of "mind" become relevant. In the theories of "consciousness" I have the problematic status as a carrier of cognitions regarding the (neuro)computer’s realizations (NCR). My cognition are identical with the NCR (Physicalism); expressed scripts parameterized NCR-patterns (Behaviourism); are reduced to the NCR-dictionary (Eliminativism); announced objectively insignificant (Epiphenomenalism); are thrown into the transcendental heights where NCR working machine Dasien, constitutive of meaning reality (Phenomenology) or produce narratives, constructs the cognitions (Geterophenomenology); substantialistically separated from NCR (dualism) in the presumption of random connections between them (Parallelism), total external determination (Occasionalism), or "dialogue" (Interactionism). In the Turing Machine Functionalism (historically the first functionalist paradigm of "consciousness"), my cognition - this is clearly spelled out in the context of the NCR function in the system inputs/outputs/cognition. It is too rough - I do not Turing machine. To mitigate the thesis proposed the Turing Test Functionalism (in the format of postnonclassical methodology): I attribute NCR the own cognitions and the cognitions of Others. Attribution is performed by the Comprehensive Turing Test, which implements: 1) the rational function of the definition of cognitions (whether NCR "think", "conscious", "live", "suffer", "love", etc.), 2) the constructor’s function for the develop new conceptual projects of NCR, and 3) critical function on the implementation of artificial cognitive systems in society. I place in the context of the NCR positioned 3D-integrated interpretation of ontology 1) my cognition (qualia, feelings, projections, etc.), 2) the biological, psychological, neurophysiological, sociological and other theories, and 3) engineering of the NCR’s computer projects. The Turing Test Functionalism appears as the main paradigm of "consciousness" for the methodology of Artificial Societies. This methodology are integrated AI project that implements the full range of cognitive phenomena from the vital to the social-cultural content in the format of judgments of 1, 2, 3 persons.

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