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Bioacoustic correction method for treatment of children with ADHD and ADHD accompanied by tic hyperkinesis

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Bioacoustic correction method for treatment of children with ADHD and ADHD accompanied by tic hyperkinesis

V.N. Trushina, K.V. Konstantinov

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the NorthWest Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (IEM NWB RAMS). brain188338@mail.ru

The particular interest in rehabilitation works with children who have ADHD and ADHD accompanied by tic

hyperkinesis is in usage of bioacoustic correction method (BAC) which is effective nonmedical influence by involuntary self regulation of CNS functional condition. The BAC method is based on usage of acoustic EEG-dependent feedback which allows transformation of the current brain bioelectric activity to the sound musical range. The patient listens to this sound in the real time

Dynamics of clinic and neurophysiological indexes at 38 children with ADHD + tic hyperkinesis at the age of 7-9 was analyzed during BAC sessions. The control group consisted of 10 healthy children. Passing tics were registered in 12 cases (31,6%), chronic tics – in 26 cases (68,4%). It is shown that BAC treating sessions led to decrease in tics average frequency on a five-point scale of Tourette Syndrome Global Scale (TSGS). At the beginning of treatment (before BAC sessions) average frequency was 3,7±1,3 points.After carrying out the BAC treatment the tics average frequency was 2,1±0,8 points. In that way it was shown the reduction of tics average frequency by 1,6 points. It means that there is improvement of a clinical picture (р≤0,05). Reliable tics reduction was observed at 24 patients (63,2 %): decrease in expressiveness of passing tics was registered in all cases – 12 children, chronic tics – in 12 cases (46,2 %). 14 patients (36,8 %) have reduction of tics. Also it was revealed that this method is more effective in treatment of tics which have psychogenic character. During the assessment of ADHD symptoms expressiveness on a scale of SNAP-IV it the reliable decrease (р <0,01) in points of indexes of carelessness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness was established, and also the reliable reduction of clinical signs quantity, optimization of the attention function, memory improvement were observed.

Considerable clinical improvement was accompanied by reorganization of EEG rhythmic structure of brain which was expressed in normalization of brain bioelectric activity indexes: increase in the alpha rhythm index, acquisition of structure and a form of alpha rhythm waves and decrease in expressiveness of slow-wave components in frontal assignments.

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