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Stress resistance of teachers as a factor of successful career

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Stress resistance of teachers as a factor of successful career

Khmelkova M.

Non-state Educational Institution Russian New University, pedagogics and psychology faculty, chair of practical psychology, Russia, Moscow, khmelkova@mail.ru

Mental conditions play an important role in performance and efficiency of professional activity. Communication between a mental condition and activity both direct, and the return: mental conditions are caused by productivity of activity, and this productivity not only is rationally estimated by the person, but also emotionally is endured by him, that is the result of activity influences a mental condition.

Experts in the field of a professional stress (D.Fontana, 1995; T.V.Formanyuk, 1994; N.E.Vodopyanova, 2003,2009; V. M. Tseluyko, 2007; Y.V.Shcherbatykh, 2008, etc.) consider that in helping and communicative professions as the most stressogenny the following professional requirements act: long and intensive communication; emotional loading; professional responsibility; inability to help or work effectively; insufficient moral and material incentive; insufficient vocational training, etc.

Not always teachers has both external (social) and internal (personal) resources to cope with stressful situ-

ations when performing the activity. Therefore the practical psychologist of education can render the professional help with overcoming of a stress and development of a resistance to stress. The main direction of this help is connected with training of teachers in skills of productive communication, to expansion of behavioural repertoire, formation of ability to cope with an emotional and psychological stress, the invariable satellite of pedagogical work and to search of resources which will help to cope further with difficult situations.

Within a studied perspective, research of pedagogical staff of the public budgetary SAO and joint Stock Company preschool institutions of Moscow, in number of 48 people was conducted. Results of the test Y. Shcherbatykh (2006) on a resistance to stress showed that resistance to a stress is revealed at 21% of teachers (10 people), norm — at 29% of teachers (14 people), hyper sensibility to a stress — at 50% of teachers (24 people), irrespective of an experience of pedagogical activity. Results of the "Coping-behavior in Stressful Situations" test of S. Norman and coauthors, in adaptation of T. Krukova (2005) showed that the greatest number of teachers chooses coping-strategy of search of social support — these are 35% of teachers (17 people); problem-oriented coping-strategy — at 25% of teachers (12 people); problem-oriented coping-strategy — 19% of teachers (9 people) ; the coping-strategy focused on avoiding — 10,5% of teachers (5 people); derivation coping-strategy — 10,5% of teachers (5 people). It testifies to the importance for the majority of teachers of information, effective and emotional support, sympathy from a direct social environment.

For increase of a resistance to stress of teachers of preschool institutions with them training "Resistance to stress resources", developed by G. B. Monina and N. V. Rannala (2009) was organized and carried out. The following test of teachers revealed efficiency of the carried-out training to what the received results testify. According to dough for a resistance to stress, stability to a stress the norm — at 44% of teachers (21 people), hyper sensibility to a stress — at 21% of teachers (10 people) is revealed at 35% of teachers (17 people). Results of the "Coping-behavior in Stressful Situations" test practically didn't change. It testifies to need of psychological escort of teachers for their professional activity.

Work is performed with support of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund (RGNF, the project No. 13-06-00665).

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