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Holmogorova N.V.¹,Levik U.S.2, Mishanov A.U.1, Kruchinina A.P.1

¹Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education ‘Moscow State Pedagogical University’, natalya_holmogor@mail.ru; 2Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Kharkevich Institute), Moscow, Russia

According to modern conceptions, making well-coordinated rational motions is possible due to system of inner notions which includes coordinate system of body and which is formed in CNS. Objective of this work was to estimate impact of left-right eye inversion on accuracy of inner understanding and on rational arm motion. 22 people of age 18-22 took part in this research. It consisted of 2 series of experiments, 20 tests each one. Participant was sitting at the table with inverting prismatic spectacles at his eyes. In first case his relaxed right or left arm was put under transparent plexiglass screen on the table. Under tester’s command he pointed positions of wrist, end phalanges of thumb, middle and little fingers on plexiglass with his forefinger while respective marks were registered on the screen. In the second case identical in terms of appearance right or left arm of other participant was placed under plexiglass on the table. Task was repeated. Then registered coordinates of marks were digitized and processed with computer program developed by Mishanov A.U. It was shown that in 65% cases reproduction of participant’s hand, wrist and middle finger end phalanges positions were not misrepresented. However, there was mirror inversion of thumb and little finger end phalanges positions relative to axis connecting wrist and end phalange of middle finger (hand axis). Series of researches with identifying the same points for other’s hand was conducted for estimation of phantom vision of arm position while planning and making motions. In this case left-right inversion of eye space caused illusion of hand axis turn by 90º, illusion of phalanges length change and marked points shift of other’s hand relative to their real position to the right while showing points with participant’s right hand and - to the left while showing them with left hand. Apparently, it can be regarded as transition from egocentric to exosentric coordinate system that can be caused by task conditions. Differences in reproductions of participant’s and other’s arm motions with right and left arms give us reasons to consider importance of hemispheric lateralization in planning and doing a task.

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