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Features inventions patenting in the neurobiology

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Features inventions patenting in the neurobiology

Savelyev Alexander V.

Journal «Neurocomputers: development, application», «Radio Engineering» Publisher, Moscow, Russia, gmkristo@rambler.ru;

patent agency «©Uniquely honest patenting», www.patenttt.narod.ru
In the report the results of an analytical generalization of the experience of more than 30 years of work by the author in the field of patenting inventions are presented, their most part concerned the neurobiology, which includes about 100 of its own inventions and more than 200 was executed as a service tasks. In most cases, the author is not only of patent specialist, but also an inventor. Why do I need to patent an invention and whether it necessary for neuroscientist? What types of patents are there? What can be the object of the invention to neuroscience? Which classes of the International Classification of Inventions (MCI) can be patented neurobiological invention? What to do with a patent after it is received? How can I earn in patenting? Numerous examples of the responses to these questions are presented, as well as real-world examples of inventions and their successful implementations. The following objectives for obtaining patents for inventions were considered: 1) protection of intellectual property for their own production, 2) the sale of a license or patent, 3) budget providing, 4) dissertation defense, 5) public confirmation of the invention. The possible fields patenting in neurobiology were analised: 1) pharmacological and pharmaceutical agents, 2) new equipment for experiments, 3) new experimental principles, new effects and methods of research and the appropriate technical means, them are used, 4) the principles and methods of modeling and simulation technology, 5) bionic different directions, 6) medical equipment and appliances psychological experiments, 7) diagnostic equipment, methods, and other diagnostic tools, 8) military and special purpose inventions, 9) application of the inventions, using neurobiological regularites in other areas of science and technology. The problems of invention protection on patenting stage on the basis of analysis of the practice of the various patent offices. The features of the modification of the invention in neurobiology in terms of total information society, mass use of computers, Internet, telecommunications networks, etc. There significant simplification concerning inventions promote on market patents. As illustrated by the reflection of the transformation of society into the information system of patenting, in a ratio of the areas of patents protection for inventions and certificates for computer programs. Review the current situation on the market of inventions in our country and abroad and the relationship with the peculiarities of the economic systems of different countries. Advantages and disadvantages of the domestic patent system in comparison with other countries are analised. The report concludes that the high feasibility of inventions patenting for the citizens of the Russian Federation is not abroad, namely in Russia. The study was supported by RFBR projects № 04-06-80460, 07-06-11003 and 08-06-11002, and RFH № 04-03-00066a.

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